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We held Parents and Children days to give families the chance to take part in the dig and have some quality time together. Here are a few pictures from those days—see if you can spot yourself if you took part.

28-29th August: Parent and Child Days at the Watermill

Find out about some community activities that relate to the Toton Mill project.

A dry day was just the ticket for the Community event on Manor farm Recreation ground, Toton. During the day over 100 people enjoyed looking at the exhibition, listening to a real expert on all things natural and eating a delicious tea with home-made scones.

The exhibition was due to open at 1.30 but there were many people keen to see the photos, books and information panels, who arrived well before the time, setting the day off to a good start, which was great.

Fifty six people enjoyed the walk and enjoyed listening to some of Norman’s many tales. They had a brief glimpse at the now grassed over Manor House site, moved over to the water mill excavation before meandering up the hill to view the Toton Sidings.

Whilst the walk was in progress more people came to enjoy the exhibition and remember anecdotes from  past, some added names to photos on display, some wanted to come back again during the week. Several local residents enjoyed the space and time to sit and chat looking over the view to the mill site enjoying their cream tea.

A most worthwhile day with over 111 people being recorded but this can only be an estimate of numbers as a free flow system was definitely in operation.

I would like to thank the volunteers who made this possible by either donating cakes, putting up bunting, leading walks or any of the other many jobs which helped this day run smoothly.

14th September: Heritage Day Walk and Talk

We’ve got an exciting new competition lined up for the summer.

We’d like you to research what a water mill might look like, then design and make your own watermill model, just how you’d imagine Toton Watermill to be.

Find out more..

Who can take part?

Anyone really! You can work individually or in groups (up to six people).

What’s involved?

Well, we’d like you to make a water mill from materials you have to hand. Let your imagination run riot, but most of all .. have some fun!

Here are some useful things to consider.

What are the rules?

See the Application Form.

What can I win?

Here are the prizes!

How can I apply?

Simply click this Application Form link, print out the form, complete the details and return to us by September 14th. Winners will be announced at the Michaelmas Fete  on 27th September, where mill entries will be on display.  

Model Mill Competition