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Welcome to the Interpretation phase of the project. When the Survey, Manor House exploration, and Watermill excavation were completed in Summer 2014 the Interpretation phase began immediately afterwards.

Through topographic survey, geophysics, boreholes and excavations, this phase will help to answer several research questions, including the location, extent and date of the Manor House, the water mill(s) and various watercourses. All the results will contribute to future studies of the sites.

What is interpretation?

The phase is all about bringing together what has been discovered about the heritage and providing a lasting legacy to the community in various ways.

What’s being planning

There are a lot of plans that have been discussed so far, from one-off events to permanent fixtures both on-site and off–site that help keep the local heritage alive for the community.

As the project is community-led why not have your say about what the project should leave for the community? Visit the legacy Suggestions page and share your ideas!

Can I help?

Here’s a list of the activities that we could really do with some help:

So we’d love your help! Please contact Gill, our Project Leader, via email at gill.morral@ntlworld.com!